About Mick

Mick Holt grew up “all over the map. ” His father was in the U.S Air Force which allowed Mick to see and experience more than most kids before he was 10 years old. Moving often, Mick learned early on that his use of humor was a way to bridge cultural and societal differences – though he did not know that was what he was doing – to frequently make new friends.

Mick’s writing career started around age 5, as a dictator. Telling his mother the story of Mickey and the Giants, she put the words down on paper for him then he handled the illustration duties. This first short story was about a boy that became friends and played with a group of giants that the other kids were too afraid to even approach.  He later wrote for his high school and college newspapers as well working as a “stringer” for a couple local weekly papers. He has two un-produced scripts, Patio Woes, about the lives and complaints of patio furniture and Every Thursday Night about a group of  friends that get together and play cards or watch football. Can you guess which night of the week it takes place?

In addition to writing, Mick also performs stand-up comedy – though less than he’d like. The plan is to eventually add a page with some clips and memes that Mick created.

He is fortunate to be married to the bravest, strongest and most courageous woman on the planet – a 2 time cancer survivor and they have been blessed with one son. They live near Tampa, the armpit of central Florida.


Anyone who can do stand-up-comedy is a brave soul!

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