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  1. ron lucas says:

    Looks great Keep it up!!!!!

  2. Looking forward to your ebook. Did I tell you the the post ‘It’s not about me or you’, saved me from falling into an old sin? Thanks to God you’re doing this….Love the blog’s theme, love the simplicity of the messages, love the approach to topics, but suggest you tweak the mobile view (sorry. It’s just totally contrasts the blog’s beauty). You’re doing a great work. God help you more.

    • mickholt says:

      The book is almost done and if you subscribe using your email you will absolutely get a copy when it’s done. I am so glad something I wrote helped you in such an immeasurable way – I am beyond humbled. Thank for the kind words about the blog and I will look at the mobile access – to be honest I had not given that much – if any – thought.

  3. flowerman54 says:

    Great post on fatherhood. You are a great father and someday “the Boy” will be a great one too!! Love you my friend and so enjoy your posts!!!

  4. flowerman54 says:

    Hi Mike I am in I was reading it out of my Bible until I realized that you were posting it here with a discussion. Thanks for the sharing in your commitment to study Gods promises and provisions!!

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