Eyes OFF Me!

Posted: September 16, 2016 in God's Will, Jesus
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WhYelling Marine DI - From Business Insideren I was at Parris Island becoming a Marine any time our Drill Instructors wanted our undivided attention they yelled.

Well – they must have wanted our attention a lot – because they yelled…


When they wanted us to look at them – which was not all the time – they would say “EYES ON ME!” They wanted the attention.

They had something to communicate.

This morning God showed me that I have had this same mind set recently.


I have wanted the focus to be directed toward me. I want the attention and it’s been affecting everything I do.

SO today I want all eyes OFF me.

I want MY eyes on YOU!

What’s going on in your life that I can pray about or help you with? What happening that you just need some to talk to – someone to listen?

Leave a comment if you want or email me at mick@mickholt.com and I’ll do the best I can to help you in whatever way I can manage.

Y’all keep the acorn spinnin’

  1. flowerman54 says:

    Mike please pray for my health. Thank you for your friendship and your love

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