24 Days of Christmas (Music) Day 4 – Do They Know

Posted: December 4, 2015 in 24 Days of Christmas (Music)
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24 Days of Christmas (Music)







So for the first 24 days of this month I am posting a video for a Christmas song that I like. No particular order until we get down to the top 5 or 6. For today, please enjoy an extended video cut of this Band-Aid classic


DEC 1 – TSO – Carol of the Bells

DEC 2 – Marie Osmond with Bob Hope – Silver Bells

DEC 3 – John Mellen CougerCamp – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause


Still planning to release a pod cast in the early part of next year and I am looking for ideas for the title and topics to cover – all comedy related or almost ALL comedy related. Taking any and all suggestions. If I use something you submit you will get “on-air” credit and perhaps another thank you of some kind. Like bacon jerky – yummmmmm.

Something to say? Grab the MIC!

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