24 Days of Christmas (Music) AND A SPECIAL Announcement

Posted: December 1, 2015 in 24 Days of Christmas (Music)
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24 Days of Christmas (Music)







If you have read very many of my posts – pre comedy – you’re well aware of my lifelong fascination with music and my proclivity for bacon.

While I have never been able to really play music aside from my vast vinyl collection or turning on the radio, music has always played a HUGE role in my life. It’s been a guiding light, a safe haven and an idol from which I allowed glory to be stolen from God.

It’s kind of a big deal.

As big as music has always been in my life Christmas has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday and for most of my life I had no idea the importance it played in my faith.

Today,  my wife – TL&T – and I have emphasized to our son – The Boy – that while we ALL enjoy getting and giving gifts our real focus is on that fact that we – on that day –  celebrate the birth of our LORD and savior Jesus Christ. We KNOW it is not likely the actual day of Christ’s birth – I will not debate you on that – but there IS NO question that he was IN FACT born on a day and THAT is what we recognize on 25 December.

Having said all that – I decided that for the first 24 days of the month I am going to post a song I associate with Christmas. You can agree – disagree – enjoy – dismiss – hate – or whatever you want with the song that I choose for that day.

For the most part, this is not going to be in order from my 24th favorite to my number 1 but as we get closer they will have more and significance to me and number one will absolutely be my ALL-TIME favorite Christmas carol.

Ready for number 24? Good.

I love TSO – not just because they do Christmas with an edge but because they just plain rock. If you’ve never seen them live make sure you change that this season – they’re AWESOME! Enjoy.


OK, wasn’t that AWESOME? Love those guys. In case you don’t know that band TSO is made up of guys from the Band Savatage – originally from my home – Tampa, FL.

This will not be the last you hear of TSO.

Keep reading for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!


After a boatload of deliberation and halfhearted planning I have decided – starting next month – I am going to produce a podcast.

I have been intrigued by the idea for A LONG time and I think the time is right to give it a shot.

The plan – as it is right now – is that I will focus on my journey from open mic-er to what ever it is I do with comedy.



So, I have some things I’d like to ask you. PLEASE comment below and let me know what your thoughts are.

  1. What should I call the PC? As an incentive, if I choose the name you suggest I will give you credit on air and in the show notes – there might even be another “prize” in it for you.
  2.  What topics would you like me to cover? For the most part, I will talk about my experiences and feelings about working toward becoming a comedian – notice I did not call myself one yet – but I will cover other comedy related topics as well.
  3. What should I have for lunch? This has nothing to do with the PC – I am just hungry.
  4. Will you listen? If you will please send me an email – or comment below- letting me know – that too – might entitle you to something special down the road.

And if you subscribe to my BLOG you’ll know in advance when the PC will be available.

OK, that’s it for today. Enjoy the tune – I always do – and let me know what you think about the PC. I am excited about this – I hope you are too.


Y’all keep the acorn spinnin’

  1. flowerman54 says:

    Great idea for podcast I think you should call it “Open Mike from Holt Manor”

    • mickholt says:

      Thanks Ron – I REALLY LIKE “Open MIKE” except for comedy I use Mick – I suppose I could switch gears and go with Mike…something to think about….Thanks again for the input. Love ya brother.

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