Leave Me Alone

Posted: February 26, 2015 in God's Will, Poetry, Writing
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**Editors note – I have not posted any kind of poem for quite a while and thought it was time. Hope you enjoy. If you do  I’d appreciate some likes and shares as well as some comments. Thanks, you guys are the best!


Hardline walking, anger shaking, fire underfoot;

can’t explain away the pain, peace won’t stay – too scared to move.

Confrontation, conflagration, unexpected complication.

No exaggeration here.

Fear breeding fear – living life alone; scales won’t fall from my eyes.

Wash in the pool, dive in deep – sow but don’t reap

Betrayal by silver – guilty, driving in the dagger a kiss on the cheek;

there is no difference.

Stuck to a tree, ashamed to wake;

fever burns with tears.

Alone – please leave me alone.

Please don’t leave me alone.

  1. Sharon says:

    Mick, a man of many talents!! I also write poetry, and I enjoyed this poem very much. I liked the imagery. I like parallel structure – so I appreciated confrontation/conflagration/complication.

    But I especially liked your last two lines. How often I have said those same words to the Lord. Leave me be, please don’t leave me. I think you captured something profound about the human heart there.

    Great work – enjoyed it.


    • mickholt says:

      Glad you liked it. I used to be very hesitant to post that sort of thing but I recognize God’s given me an ability to work with words in several capacities – not just comedy, thought that’s my personal favorite.
      I still find it interesting how people read a poem and find what they find. Glad it spoke to you. There are more on here somewhere if you’re interested.

      Have a great weekend.
      Jesus Loves you!

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