I cannot say that I have had a good week. In fact, it would be a massive understatement to stay it was crap; that I am glad for the week to be over does not do justice to the word.

But God was with me.

I Just Don’t Feel Good

*NOTE – To say that I wrote the following while I didn’t feel good would be true but I do not want that to be a cop out.  I write what I feel -good or bad, positive or negative, sad and demented but always honest.  I will not make an excuse, this is how I felt at the time that the words came out.  I am using this as an example of what I believe we all go though – emotions that we all deal with – and how I deal.  I share this because I believe someone is feeling the EXACT same thing and they need to know they’re NOT alone. If I am talking to you, leave a comment and we can talk. Send me an email and we’ll pray.

Just know.

Your Passion is God Given

Photo by: Alejandro Escamilla (Unsplash)

Photo by: Alejandro Escamilla (Unsplash)

I am not a “heart on his sleeve” kind of guy.

Never have been.

Except during football season when I can – at times – become so animated and so loud that  it once prompted the Boy to say “I wish football had never been invented”

Talk about devastated.

Friday Poetry – Once for All to Save

A fascination with the unknown – passion for what’s not seen;

Understanding overtones – living in between.

Doing What I Do for God

Photo By : redspotted

Photo By : redspotted

I am always a little scared when I start to write a post.

Will someone agree with it? Will they like it? Will they leave a good comment or tear me to shreds? Will they share it, Face Book it, tweet or Pin it? Will they subscribe to my site? Will they read something I have already written?

Will anyone read it at all? Besides my mom – that is.

Every J-O-B Has Its Thorn

Photo By: Olga Reznik (Creative Commons)

Photo By: Olga Reznik (Creative Commons)

There is not a person my age that is not intimately aware that “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” I would venture that people of the next generation are only slightly less familiar and the one after that has at least heard the song – it was quite important to our generation and it will be played on radio and live by cover bands for years to come.

Friday Poetry – Quiet Pandering

Photo By; Anandajoti (Creative Commons)

Photo By; Anandajoti (Creative Commons)

Quiet pandering to a hollow soul seeking to kill all it sees – crying.



Searching for light. Longing for the engagement of another – lost below the waves of anxiety.

God Wants You to be a Grunt – At Least for Now

I am better than this.

I deserve more.

I can do that.

I am…


Turbo, Jesus Christ and Accepting the Supernatural

From the Movie Turbo

From the Movie Turbo

Over the weekend my wife – TL&T – and  I took the Boy to see Turbo. As far as super fast snail movies go – it was not bad. In fact it was actually pretty good.

If I did movie reviews – and anyone that knows me knows I critique every movie I see – I would give Turbo four out of five whatever’s.

God Want’s You in the Moment

Photo By : Diamond Montessori School (Creative Commons)

Photo By : Diamond Montessori School (Creative Commons)

In keeping with this week’s theme of how our dreams and our life callings are directly tied to Jesus I was thinking about the story in Exodus chapter 17 where God tells Moses that as long as his staff is raised the Israelites will win the battle against the Amalekites.

By this time God has shown Moses that He is in control – having already demonstrated his power over the staff by turning it into a serpent then back into a staff. As a Sheppard, the staff would have been an important tool in the daily life of Moses – part of his calling.

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