Saturday Night Special – FREE eBooks at ‘Till He Comes

Good evening PADAG readers, a blogging friend of mine wants to give you free eBooks.

Jeremy Myers at Till He  covers deep theological topics in such a way that is not above people’s heads, are easy to understand and can be entertaining.

Reading his blog has opened my eyes to several different ways to practice our faith and see things from a perspective that I am not always exposed to. After spending time reading Jeremy’s posts I have been exposed to many other writers I might not have found and I feel I have grown over the last year or so as a result.

Simply follow the link to his site – there is another one right here – and sign up for his newsletter. He’ll send you a copy of one of his books immediately PLUS  he gives all his subscribers a copy of all his new books when they come out AND he’s got a new book coming out – “Put the Service Back into the Church Service” –  in a couple weeks – so you’ll get two books in just a short time.

Put Service Back into the Church ServiceHead over and help support Jeremy, learn something  and get free stuff !

Poetry Friday – How? Why? What?

Photo By: Ir3127 (Creative Commons)

Photo By: Ir3127 (Creative Commons)

How do you know the heart in me; when I hardly know it myself?

How do you love me so completely, when I cannot let go?

How do you know just what to say when I’m about to cry?

How do you know what the answer is and I do not know why?

Worry Can Kill But Fear Gives Life?

A.E. Newman

Photo By: JustUptown (Creative Commons)

OK, so, I worry. I worry all the time. I worry about the things I can control, sort of. I worry about the things I cannot control – which are most things.

I worry that I will never have a job I even remotely like. I worry that I will always feel inferior at the J-O-B I currently trudge through every day. I worry that I have missed every opportunity God has placed before me. I worry that people won’t like me if they know the things about me that God already knows.

I worry that people will not read this or the next 59 posts.

I worry that people will not laugh.

Did I say I worry? Boy was that an understatement.

Depends On What You Sow

Photo By: Adam Arthur (Creative Commons)

Photo By: Adam Arthur (Creative Commons)

Don’t you just love the “prosperity” gospel? It is so motivating and full of hope and joy.

That is until you realize that you’re not getting the things you’ve been told you’ll get.

Wait, where is my new car? New job? New house? The promotion that I don’t deserve in the first place?

Friday Poetry – The Course Of Things

Photo By: Stevendepolo (Creative Commons)

Photo By: Stevendepolo (Creative Commons)

The course of things that changed forever remains forever changed.

Can you accept the unacceptable, a testament to pain.


Rejoice you sinner, live and breathe and let your anger fly;

Return my Savior, take my hand I long to see your face.

Turn my heart back toward you and take my life away.

I give you all the gifts I have; I only ask your love.

To move, to see, to hate, to feel it’s all the same to me;

To stay, be blind, to love, to hide to simply sit and be.

Open up your mind to me so I can see the truth;

Fill me with the light of life and teach me how to share.

Drive from me the lust of life for my own selfish gain;

Revive my want to be your tool to love and serve and save.

Thursday Special – Independence Day 2013

The Declaration of IndependenceI intended to write what would amount to a treatise on the importance of the Declaration of Independence to our history and our future but after reading it again for myself – something I try to do a couple times a year – I decided that the words written by Thomas Jefferson – 238 years ago – do just fine on their own.

I highly encourage you to take a few minutes today and read the text of the most important document in American history.


Whose “Word” Are You Listening To?

Photo By: John Assink (Creative Commons)

Photo By: John Assink (Creative Commons)

Again I find myself in a place where I feel I need to take my fellow Christ followers to task. To remind them of all the things that Jesus said about love and forgiveness and how we seem to not want to show that to people today.

He Who Has No Sin

Photo By: Colin_K (Creative Commons)

Photo By: Colin_K (Creative Commons)

Man was last week a stressful week?

The odd thing was, for me, that it was not stressful in the way I would normally define stress.

From the Supreme Court to the Zimmerman trial to Paula Dean and the Aaron Hernandez situation it was an opinionated person’s dream and nightmare – all at the same time.  I cannot count on both hands how many times I wanted to write something about ANY of these topics only to get to a point where a voice said “no, you cannot say this – this way.”

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