Friday Poetry – Excessive Indifference

Photo By: ellenm1 (Creative Commons)

Photo By: ellenm1 (Creative Commons)

Excessive indifference, soft painted heart, hallow space in time.

Imprisoned in my empty dreams; seems that they’re not mine.

Comedy, Confusion and My Search for Meaning

Photo By : iwannt (Creative Commons)

Photo By : iwannt (Creative Commons)

I did not have a good day.

And you know what? I have strung several of these together. Still several short of my all time record.

It’s true.

I am beyond frustrated with my life, my job, my direction, my service for God. I spend countless hours contemplating what I am doing. What I am supposed to be doing. What I am not doing right. What I want to do. Why God won’t open a door for me to do something other than what I am doing? How will I, do I, know when I am doing what God wants me to do?

Puzzles, Prayers and the Battle with Satan

The chorus “…our God is an awesome God…” is not just good to sing, it is the truth. Too often, we take that awesomeness for granted.

Photo By : Bludgeoner86 (Creative Commons)

Photo By : Bludgeoner86 (Creative Commons)

I know I do.

The way He reveals His truths is, at times, a bit overwhelming.  Did I say “a bit?”

50th Post, Friday Poetry and Shameless Plug

Hello readers,

Photo By: Wonderlane

Photo By: Wonderlane

Thank you, in advance, for stopping by. I honestly appreciate you sharing your time with me and my thoughts. Friday’s have become the day that I have been posting my version of poems. Today’s is titled “Adrift” and it is a lot more sing songy than I normally write – I blame Hair Metal. Please let me know what you think.

It’s Hard To Be Humble

writing desk

Photo By: Guðmundur D. Haraldsson (Creative Commons)

I was reminded recently that God is the great creator. He made the heavens and the Earth, the stars, the plants animals and he made man. But – and this is where we all need to pay attention – when he made us, when he made man, OK and women, he made us in HIS image.

God created us to be like him.

Bible Study and the Art of Eating Chips

Food For Thought

Photo By: The Delicious Life (Creative Commons)

Photo By: The Delicious Life (Creative Commons)

There is nothing I like more than a good bag of chips. Nothing is more satisfying that digging into a fresh bag of salty slices of deep fried potato. I could easily sit and consume an entire bag without giving it or life a single thought.

I like plain chips – with ridges not flat, except Pringles. I like spicy chips, salty chips, chips with cheese and I really like BBQ chips. Recently, I discovered “kettle cooked” chips and let me just say, “where’s the next bag?”

No, really!

Sunday Special – Father’s Day, Don’t Assume It’s Happy

My Father's Day Gift 2013

My Father’s Day Gift 2013

When I sat down to write about Father’s Day, it was my intention to talk about the positive things and the great things about dads in general and – for me – the great things about being a dad.

Then I started thinking about all the statistics I have read over the last few years as I have been working with men and men’s groups – the few that we’ve had – at our church. And, men, the sad truth is…


I Am Man. I Am a Child.

thinking monkey

Photo By: irishwildcat – Creative Commons

I am empty, void of emotion, tired, jealous, angry.

I am man. I am a child. I am lost. I am nothing in my eyes. What could I possibly be to you?

I am filled with doubt, driven by unbelief, consumed with confusion and held down by pain of my own making. A choice.

I am beaten by my thoughts, blinded by hate and fooled by my heart.  A shadow screams at a whimper of angst.  Childish dreams wrenched from the hand of man twice dead.

Stop TRYING to be Extraoridinary

The Ordinary

sunsetPeople, those that do and don’t follow Christ, have similar issues through their lives. Bills to pay, children to raise, jobs we’d prefer not have to go to and of course in-laws. No one is immune to the trails of life.

No one.

I Wanna ROCK!

Doing What We Want to Do

Emmett Brown

Emmett Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did not grow up in a “church going” family. I have no recollection of us ever going to a worship service together, even at Christmas.  My folks were not anti God we just didn’t go. We celebrated Easter and Christmas but not for the same reasons as Christians.

So I have a different mindset toward the holidays, church attendance and most things that fall under the religion umbrella – including our gifts and talents. I grew up during the era where we were taught that if we believed we could do something – then by golly – you could do it.

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