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Dear Readers

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You guys are why I do what I do. You are why I write. Sure I write for “me” but, and I thik this is true of anyone that puts words to paper – or screen, I want those words to be read. I want my words to be helpful, honest and from time to time humorous – OK, I want that one more often than not. Do I want you love my words and agree with everything I write – well of course I do – but here’s the thing:

I KNOW YOU WON’T and I am OK with that.

Never Be Disappointed Again

We’re Only Human

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Few things are as upsetting as expecting someone to do something and them not do it. To think that a person you know might behave in a particular way, perform a specific task, say a certain something and then not do it can leave you feeling as though your whole world is turned upside down; you’ve misjudged all mankind – and womankind for that matter.

Picking Your Direction with God

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In the Beginning

We often start our relationship with Christ in a flurry of excitement and unexplainable joy. We’re anxious to tell our friends and family about the change in our lives. We don’t go to the places we used to go; we don’t do and say many of the things that we’re accustomed to doing and saying. Our interests change along with our desires. 

Faith, God and One Million Dollars

A Matter of Faith

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I am not sure if it is a cultural influence or not but I often find myself wondering how much faith I really have. Do I have enough?  Does God look at me with haughty derision and think, “If only he really believed.  He could do so much.” I mean, if I was really sold out, if I truly and honestly believe the things I think I believe, the things I write about, the things I learn and teach at church wouldn’t my life look different? Shouldn’t I be suffering the way Paul did? Peter? Jesus?

Christians, Cars and Jesus Fish

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I love bumper stickers… on other people’s cars.

I choose not to place them on any of my vehicles but I like to read them. I like when they’re funny, pithy or sarcastic. I like the cleaver way they us words or pictures to make their point. I like the ones that make me think. As an extension, in most cases, of our personalities – allowing of course for the fact that 100s of others usually have the same sticker – I think they offer the car owner a lot in the way of personal expression.

Your Life is Not as Bad as You Think

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Recently I have been struggling with many things. One is the fact that I am not more open about my faith. I am bothered that I do not share it as readily or as often as I should. I question my usefulness to my family, my church, my job and my Lord.  I lament the fact that I have not climbed a mountain, been elected president, written a top 10 song or had my face on the cover a magazine.

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