The Cost of Truth

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
Photo By: Eric the Fish (Creative Commons)

I watch a lot of TV.

That may be the biggest understatement of this very young year but it is, however unfortunate, true.

The most watched type of show is the crime drama. We watch shows about writers, con-men, people that suffer from OCD and people that claim to by psychic – just to name a few – that are all helping the police because their particular skill is better than professionally trained officers.

One of the tactics I see used when questioning two suspects is to separate them and tell them both that the other just ratted them out to get a confession – if you know what this is called please leave it in the comments below, I will edit the post and give you research credit. Now, I realize this works on TV – if it didn’t the show would not survive because who is going to watch a police show where crimes are not solved? But I am sure it works, from time to time, with actual people too.

Why do I mention that? I am getting there.

Have you seen Lance Armstrong in the news recently? If not, you must not watch much TV – good for you – but he has been because he has finally come clean about his doping for the seven Tour de France races he won or didn’t win. When the allegations started to surface do recall how quickly those around him changed their stories and no longer towed the line for him?

Why do I mention that? I am getting there too.

The common denominator in both cases – and likely in thousands more – is that when the people involved started to feel the pressure; when the heat was turned up, when they knew the end was near they told the truth. Whatever their lie had been was out the window and the truth came out. They caved and changed their stories.

To protect themselves of course.
All these people lacked the conviction to stand up and defend what they originally claimed was the truth, rats on a sinking ship come to mind.

Why do I mention any of this? Glad you asked.

If Jesus did not rise from the grave leaving an empty tomb and eventually ascend to Heaven, why did his disciples not, ever, change their story? Why did they stick to the tale of death, resurrection and ascension if it was not true. If it was just for show, what would they gain? Especially after they started being killed because of what they believed. Common sense should dictate that when Stephen died the rest of the guys would have produced the body of Christ and saved their own skin. Or, at the very least said they destroyed the body – something, right?
I mean, all most all of these men died horrible deaths – willingly – because once they knew the truth nothing else mattered.
Let me say that again, “Once they KNEW the truth nothing else mattered,” not even their lives.
When you know the truth you stick to it, you swear by it, you tell other people; you might even die for it.
Look, I get that the truth is not always easy to hear. It is not always easy to tell the truth for example when others call you a hatemonger or a bigot because of it – but that is just a ploy to keep you from even wanting to tell people what the truth is and it helps them because, in most cases, people do not want to hear the truth anyway.
Do you know the truth? Are you willing to share it? Are you willing to die for it? Leave a comment below and let’s discus it.
  1. People sacrifice their lives every day for "truth" that neither you or I believe is actually true. I agree that our actions ultimately reflect our beliefs … but do they reflect truth?

  2. Mickholt says:

    Thanks for commenting!I think they do reflect truth – even if it is not the truth intend. For me our actions define what is "truth" to us. I can tell you I love Jesus but if I am stealing from my employer and cheating on my wife – then the truth I speak is drowned out by the truth of my actions.

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