The Words We CHOOSE

From The Library of Congress Collection (Creative Commons)
As someone that is a relative newbie to the blogosphere I am reading – a lot!
I read several blogs every day. Some I go to multiple times a week. I read the “archives” and the “about” page. I follow links to new blogs, I download and read the free e-books that many blogs advertise – I am not working on one right now but I might.

What do you think?
I read the comments, the rebuttals and retractions,  I read blogs with lots of sports action. I read blogs on religion and music, movies too but  blogs on politics leave me blue
OK, enough of that.
I read blogs about food, comic blogs, blogs about and by comedians, history blogs, science blogs and about dogs – Bully’s to be exact.
Did I say “a lot”?
The one thing I have noticed at several of the sites I am visiting – sometimes I make comments sometimes I just “lurk”  is that the blogger, as well as the comment makers, have a self righteous “holier than thou” attitude toward just about everyone else especially when they do not agree with either the post or an idea expressed which is counter to the original post.
 In many cases, the post turns from a source of information or opinion into a “gloves-off” BASH zone.
Now don’t get me wrong, I believe we are all entitled to our opinion and expressing it is our right – being able to express it is after all why we all got into blogging in the first place.  It is one of the greatest things about the internet. That is not really the problem.
The issue I have is that I am seeing too much of this discord and vitriol – not on sites from either side of the political spectrum but on sites by people professing to be followers of Christ and the people that comment on their blogs.
Don’t you find it interesting that the biggest issue facing Christianity is Christians?
Again, I am not telling people they cannot think or believe what they want or that they cannot or should not express themselves; but the way we express ourselves, as Christians – a term I find that I use less and less as the years pass – has to be done in such a way that it remains Biblical and falls under the authority of scripture.
Paul says in Ephesians and 2 Timothy, 4:29 and 2:14 respectively, that we must take care with our words not for our benefit but for the benefit of the “hearer” – or in our case the “reader” but the idea is the same.
When we argue, even making a valid argument, we make ourselves look disjointed and out of sync. What person is going to be interested in what we have to say about Christ, much less surrender their life to him if we cannot remain civil toward one another?
Now, as a writer with a blog that desperately wants people to participate and make comments, I recognize that you, the reader, may not always agree with what I say, and that is fine – discourse is the only way we will discover other thoughts and ideas. So, I want you to leave comments EVEN if you disagree with me.
However, if you feel that your comment requires expletives or will be in a generally uncivil tone, then please email me and let’s talk – such as email exchanges are talking – about our differences privately. We can even exchange cell numbers and have an actual conversation.  That is, of course, assuming your goal is to have a discussion.
Why do you think we never hear about the fact that the “conversation” is nearly extinct?
For me, it is far more important to GET it right than to BE right
What do you think? Comment  civilly – or not –below.

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