For God So Loved the World

Posted: December 28, 2012 in God's Will
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For God So Loved the WorldA couple of months ago, I posted this and called it a “Christmas Present for me.” I was trying to trick you into reading the Gospel of John. Not sure that was the most effective ploy.

I should have said something like, I believe that of the gospels – there are four total – John’s is the most complete when it comes to illustrating God’s love for his creation through the life and sacrifice of Jesus. And I desperately want you to experience the love that I have from the creator of the universe.

I simply want you to read one book of the Bible. What will that cost you? A couple hours if you’re a slow reader? A couple days if you take your time? If I told you that the answer  to the most important question you’ll ever face can be found in the pages of John’s Gospel wouldn’t you at least be interested to see if I was exaggerating?

If you’ve read John’s Gospel before, read it again – see what the Holy Spirit shows you this time. If you’re already a Christ follower – read it again find something new.

Just read the book.

If you are not already a Christ follower, or have not been in the Word for a while, then I have a bit more to ask of you.

I still want you to read the entire book but I want you to do it with an open mind. I want you to forget everything you know about Christianity, Christians and what the media says about Jesus.

I want you to forget the people you have known through your life that claim to be Christians but fall short of living what they say, at least temporarily.

I believe that a lot of the apathy and distrust of God’s word is a direct result of the mistakes we as Christ followers have made through the years – for some of my thoughts on that CLICK HERE – I want you to sit and read about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus like you have never heard, even part, of the story. I want you to approach John’s narrative with a willing attitude to see more than you’ve been lead to believe is there.

I believe that if you do and you accept the truth as it is written – you’ll experience a love that ONLY comes from Him. The voids you have felt will be filled. The emptiness will disappear. Your heart will hunger for more. Your soul will thirst, as it never has, to be closer to the Lord.

There is substance in the Word of God that you will only encounter by reading it for yourself.

So, what do you say? Are you up to the challenge? A bit of your time for something that can change your forever – if you take it seriously.

This weekend we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. I cannot think of a better way to honor God than to read John’s account of Christ’s life.

The links I promised to the Gospel of John. There are many more version but these are the ones I use the most. The NIV and the NLT are probably best for newer readers of the Gospels.

King James


New Living Translation

Holman Christian Standard

What are your thoughts about John’s gospel. Leave some comments below.

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