My prayer to God, our Father.

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Uncategorized
Photo from Creative Commons: Lel4nd

Father, you are beyond my limited comprehension. Your grace and mercy are FREE to all who ask.

The goodness you show to your creation is unsurpassed.

You give to your children the love, compassion and understanding we need, yet hardly deserve.

You separate us from our sins, so that even if we tried we could never find them, even if we were to search for a thousand life times.

You provide, Father, the very things we need when we need them.

If we need food; we eat. If we thirst; you give us drink. If we need encouragement; you send your word and
Spirit. If we need punishment Lord; you send rebuke.

You know us all, but you know ME.

Your creation. One single, tiny being. You created me. You mapped out my life.

You plotted my course. You gave me the words to say and the material to deliver.

You made sure I had love, a family, grace and mercy throughout my life.

You, Oh Lord, exceed me EVERY expectation and surpass my desires.

Lord, take all that I am, and all that I have and use it as you need.

It was yours to begin with, it will be yours when you are done using me.

Help me to use what you have blessed me with to glorify you and help the rest of your creation.

Help me to do what you have called all of us to do; GLORIFY your name.

Help me to use the gifts you have given me to reach the people you place in my path.

All praise, honor and glory to you, Father, forever and ever – Amen.

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